7 Amazing features that make MG Hector Internet Car


MG Motors already released ismart Next Gen solution on April 2, 2019, they presented the future of vehicle technology in India. The industry’s best brains have come together to provide a whole fresh linked mobility experience. In collaboration with major worldwide tech firms such as Microsoft, Adobe, Nuance, Cisco, Unlimit, TomTom, SAP, Gaana, Cognizant, and Panasonic, the iSmart Next Gen solution is constructed. In India’s first internet vehicle, the MG Hector, several other industry-first characteristics will be accessible.

The technology that resides inside the MG Hector is by far the most futuristic we’ve seen in the nation. With the motivation to redefine linked mobility, MG Motors is on track to alter how we communicate with our vehicles. Therefore, here are the seven characteristics that assist create the MG Hector “a human thing.”

1.A Large Infotainment System At Your Fingertips


The MG Hector sports the Head Unit, a big vertical 10.4′′ screen. It houses the car’s brain, iSmart NextGen, and allows the driver to use a touch or voice command to regulate the vehicle system. The Head Unit is constructed and tested in relation to this in India to resist extreme climatic circumstances. All in all, it is an infotainment system that is periodically refreshed with updates from OTA.

Also, we were informed that the system carries 32 GB offline storage when questioned about onboard storage. It will allow users to store songs, videos, and other materials from offline entertainment. Every user will receive a premium Gaana account with ad-free music and download capabilities as if that wasn’t enough.

2. An Embedded eSIM


MG Hector iSmart Next Gen comes with an embedded Machine to Machine (M2M) eSIM. It ensures that the car is always connected to the internet. The customized solution is developed by Unlimit in partnership with Cisco and Airtel. The latter is the telecom partner for connectivity. The platform is Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6) and 5G ready. Also, the eSIM will allow users to perform services.

  • Remote tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Automated emergency response
  • Up to date maps
  • Real-time navigation
  • Control via the mobile app
  • Over the air updates

3. OTA Updates

One of MG Hector’s various interesting characteristics is updates to Over The Air (OTA). It will allow customers to download updates of software as and when they are accessible or schedule them later. MG plans to push fresh topics and search for the screen, fresh content infotainment, OS and firmware updates, and map updates. So, keeping yourself always fresh.

In the coming future, the OTA updates will be a standard in all MG cars with iSmart NextGen, beginning with the MG Hector SUV. Also, looking at how smartphones have gone a long way in the past decade, thanks to frequent updates, the OTA updates current enormous interesting opportunities for the vehicle tech.

Additionally, MG Motors will provide data free of cost for the first few years!


4. “Hello MG!”

The I Smart system comes with an embedded voice assistant based on AI. The sentence “Hello MG” can be initiated. Over a hundred commands can be used by users to control their vehicles. Some of the instructions shown in our demo are’ open sunroof,” open window,’ and’ navigate to[ name of place].’


In addition, Nuance is building the voice assistant to specifically comprehend the Indian accent. Not only this, but the system also recognizes differences in the way each person constructs sentences. The system is intended to learn and improve with use every day thanks to AI and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.

Additionally, to give the assistant a personal feel, it greets the user with his/her first name. It works under poor connectivity as well.

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5. iSmart Mobile App


Imagine controlling the functions of your car sitting in your room! The future is here. For starters, if it is a hot day and your car is parked in the blazing sun while you go grocery shopping, you can turn on the AC from the mobile app and you’ll find the temperature of your car cool when you return. Tada!

In addition, every time the app is fired, the vehicle is scanned, giving helpful data such as stress on the tire, place, and whether the vehicle is fully locked. Using the iSmart mobile app, the user can conduct a number of actions and some of them are –

  • Find my car [Honking/ Lights blinking/ Walk or drive to the car]
  • Fuel level and vehicle range
  • Lock/Unlock status
  • Lock/Unlock the car remotely
  • Security alert
  • Create a travel plan and push it to the vehicle

6. Security Is The Priority

You will share a lot of private data with MG’s servers to get personalized services. Thus, MG focuses on cybersecurity and privacy to safeguard clients from sophisticated threats while enjoying iSmart technology’s advantages. Hosted and stored locally in the Microsoft Azure Cloud DC in India, the iSmart solution provides impregnable cybersecurity for all information in the internet vehicle.

7. E-Call – An Instant Emergency Response System


In the MG Hector, Morris Garages has established an immediate emergency reaction scheme. They also set up a service center for leadership called the Pulse Hub. When the airbags are deployed, an e-call will automatically be initiated. In this emergency scenario, a message is sent to a Pulse Hub reaction team with a precise place.

In reaction, the Pulse Hub immediately calls for the head unit of the car to be reached. If there is no reply, it calls the owner’s phone and the emergency contact is called if it still does not receive a reply. All this will be performed in seconds.

Buying the Internet Car, MG Hector? Your experience should always be better.


MG partnered with SAP to create’ Magnet,’ India’s most sophisticated front-end ERP solution. The Dealer Management System integrates with intelligent on one platform retailers, their clients, service centers and the business that allows for a friction-free stream of data. Therefore, your experience in purchasing MG Hector should be trouble-free.

It looks promising for the future of linked mobility. What we saw in the case was amazing to us. So we’re really excited about MG Hector’s Q2 release, are you? Let us know your favorite iSmart Next Gen feature and why in the remarks below.



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